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Premium Posts: Volume 7
Premium Posts Volume 7

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The Empire Strategy

This is the final volume in the Premium Post series and we're going out with a bang.

If you've ever read a post on, you will know that I am passionate about future-proofing my affiliate business. It's no good to make money today. You also need to be able to make money tomorrow.

Whether you are a newbie marketer, an intermediate, or an expert with years of experience, I can bet that you've felt that same sense of insecurity. Do you really know where your money is going to be coming from 10 years from now?

Running a business from home whilst wading around in your slacks is a pleasure, but it doesn't come without the nagging fear of losing it all.

The world of Internet Marketing could change in a heartbeat, and in 2012, it usually does. The most successful affiliates are aware of this equation. They fight tooth and nail to stay ahead of the curve by adopting what I like to call The Empire Strategy.

The Empire Strategy is a sweeping mindset/philosophy that will give you the tools and knowledge to run a successful online business now, and in the future.

In this volume, you will see how the affiliate marketing industry has changed, why it has changed, and what we can do to thrive rather than survive in a fiercely competitive space.

The affiliate 'boom' of 2009 has come and gone. Many view this industry in a state of irreparable decline. They are wrong. The game has simply changed. And if you want to succeed as an affiliate, you must too.

Included in this volume:

  • How to setup your business plan, and why it's essential to affiliate marketing

  • How to develop lucrative assets that stand the test of time

  • How to build an unstoppable affiliate brand (many times over)

  • How to acquire a portfolio of high-profit websites

  • How to gain a reputation that has opportunity knocking on your door

  • An overview of every major traffic source I work with, with notes on getting started

  • How to hold yourself accountable for success

  • How to nail the endless cycles of harmful procrastination

  • How to dominate international markets using the local lingo

  • How to build a landing page worth $467 Million, with a little help from Jesse Willms

  • How to find happiness in this madness we call a day job

  • Plus all the latest developments from the affiliasphere as we head in to 2013

The Empire Strategy condenses my business plan for the future in to 150 pages of relentless insights, work-lifestyle tips and marketing nuggets. And a good helping of my balls.

If Volumes 1-6 of Premium Posts dissected the many ways to make money online, this final volume is the glue that holds it all together.

At over 30,000 words, spread across 7 'posts', The Empire Strategy is the most comprehensive addition to the series yet. It is also by far the most important.

These posts are designed to slap you to your senses.

They are everything I am basing my business on now and in the future.

What readers are saying...
  • Introduction: The Empire Strategy
  • How to Grow Your Affiliate Marketing Empire, Step by Step
  • Online Empire Pillar 1: Promoting products
  • Online Empire Pillar 2: Owning Products
  • Online Empire Pillar 3: Buying Assets
  • Online Empire Pillar 4: Building Assets
  • Online Empire Pillar 5: Establishing Reputation
  • Pulling The Empire Strategy Together: The Vital Ingredients
  • December 2012 in the Affiliasphere
  • How ‘Dual-Selling’ Can Supercharge Your ROI
  • A Guide to Local Slang (and Super High CTRs)
  • Jesse Willms and the $467 Million Dollar Landing Page
  • Happiness for Affiliates: Doing it Right vs. Doing it Wrong
  • In Closing: Thanks for Reading

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